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I love my job as an officer and the fake cop, but I have never really cared for cats, even if they care for me. One day though, a cat adopted me. I was checking out an accident site when this little kitten comes crawling up next to me. He looked scared and frazzled, so I picked him up and put him in my car. I found myself talking to him like a baby. My partner comes over and tells me that a witness says the accident happened because someone swerved to miss a cat in the road. Max is no longer allowed near roads.

I’m a sailor in the United States Navy. When our ship pulled into port in Japan our commanding officer addressed us. He asked that we experience the local culture, do things such as eating Japanese food and always going on tour of booty, if it’s necessary. At the end of the trip he asked a buddy of mine what he ate. My friend replied that he had eaten a cheeseburger. The commanding officer told him that wasn’t local Japanese food he could get a burger anywhere in America. My friend told him it was different because he put soy sauce on it.

She had just finished her work out exercise in the gym. Her female colleagues had already left. She was just alone with the gym instructor, a tall, dark Afro-American. She moved close to him and asked him if they could do some more squats. So they continued and this was the moment that proved her right – black cocks are better than white. The Caucasian woman began to scream as if she was making love. This put the man in the mood and in no time, they were caressing each other.The romantic session began.

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