What Makes a Perfect Hostel?

Making A Hostel Feel More Like Home

As a hostel owner here in the beautiful country of Italy it is very important to make our guests feel at home. We understand that when guests arrive they simply want to relax and recover from their travels. Making the hostel feel like home is something that we have strived to accomplish for many years and have had great success. Today, we are going to discuss several things that we do to make travelers feel safe and comfortable while staying at our hostel.

Attention To Details Is What Sets Our Hostel Apart

When it comes to hospitality you won’t find a more welcoming place to rest your head than our hostel. But this atmosphere isn’t something that just happens. We work hard to maintain a high level of comfort for all of our guests. Below are some things that we do to keep our guests happy and come back time after time.

  • A relaxing common area– One of the most important areas inside or outside of a hostel is the common area. Many guests that like to stay in hostels also often like to make new friends and mingle with one another. By providing a relaxing common area for your guests to meet new people and unwind is vital.
  • Offer a real breakfast– Many hostel owners advertise that they offer free breakfast. While some might be ok eating just bread and jam for breakfast others do expect more. So make sure if you are offering a free breakfast to try to do more for your guests and actually cook a hot meal for them.
  • Have a computer station- While many travelers will bring their own computers and smart devices with them, some will be backpacking. For your guests convenience, why not have a desktop computer and printer/fax set up for them to use?
  • A full and working kitchen– The size of your hostel will determine the size of your kitchen. Many people are looking to save money by cooking at least some of their meals inside the hostels kitchen. If you have a 50 bed hostel and only have a two burner stove this can prove inconvenience to many of your guests. So make sure you have enough room for everyone to cook.
  • Staff that actually cares- One of the most important things you can ever do for your hostel is to employ staff that cares about your guests. A hostel environment is suppose to be fun and relaxing so a dull or uncaring staff member could really ruin the mood. So make sure that everyone that is hired or volunteer at your hostel has a happy and welcoming disposition.

Follow These Simple Rules For A Happy Hostel

We run our hostel with the rules above. This has allowed us to become one of the most sought after hostel in the entire region. If you are thinking of starting your own hostel it will be wise that you too build your guesthouse around these same rules. They will allow you to build a wonderful environment that is both friendly and comfortable for all visitors

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