A game changer in the healthcare industry

by Analytics Insight

November 29, 2021

Find out how WhatsApp chatbots are effectively transforming healthcare

Since the digital revolution has accelerated, AI has been one of the widely accepted technological solutions. While companies across industries have been quick enough to embrace technology to deliver premium customer experiences, the healthcare industry has been no exception. It has embraced conversational AI in the form of chatbots that conduct human-like conversations and effectively resolve patient queries. This trend was highlighted by Modor Intelligence in its recent report which states that the global chatbot market was worth $ 17.17 billion last year and is expected to be valued at $ 102.29 billion by 2026 and will grow at a CAGR of 34.75% from 2021 to 2026. The study highlights that the healthcare industry is one of the few markets to have embraced chatbots with open arms.

Due to the growing importance of WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp chatbots are also seeing an increase in the segment. They allow healthcare professionals to leave small tasks to technology and concentrate on the main tasks at hand; and eliminated the need for healthcare professionals to be present to resolve patient questions and respond to their problems instantly and smoothly.

WhatsApp Chatbots Strengthen Healthcare

Patient satisfaction and a flawless experience are crucial criteria for healthcare providers. The segment is thus leveraging the power of AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbots to deliver what patients need: fast and efficient solutions to their needs and queries.

Activate the availability of health services 24/7

WhatsApp chatbots have helped bridge the gap between patient and physician and enable 24-hour availability of patient health services. All communication, whether it’s symptom assessment, appointment scheduling, updating lab reports, daily health tips, FAQs, reminders, medication prescriptions, payments; AI-enabled bots allow various tasks to be performed through people’s mobile devices and within the messaging platform itself. They also act as a nurse and remind patients of their medications and other daily medical routines.

Provide personalized experiences to patients

Chatbots help deliver personalized experiences to patients by identifying disease and providing real-time support through the power of artificial intelligence. They have made the healthcare segment profitable and fast for patients. For example, the robots also help them find the nearest pharmacy and doctors in an emergency.

Activate remote consultation

Since the coronavirus outbreak, people have not left their homes unless it is required. WhatsApp chatbots have become the ideal health companion that allows them to access health services with a single touch on their mobile devices while meeting social distancing standards. They allow remote consultation and help patients get an accurate diagnosis without queuing for long hours or physically filling out forms. The robots analyze the patient’s medical history and symptoms, attempt to diagnose his condition and also put him in contact with the relevant specialist. They have made it easy and straightforward for healthcare professionals to solve all kinds of patient issues.

WhatsApp Chatbots: An Essential Part of COVID-19 Support

During the first and second waves of the pandemic, various providers of WhatsApp automation tools took advantage of the opportunity in the growing field of healthcare. They integrated chatbots into the most popular instant messaging app as an initiative to connect people and bring them closer to needed medical help. Whether it is oxygen cylinders, plasma donors, drugs or teleconsultations, WhatsApp chatbots have played an important role in quickly providing the necessary medical assistance to patients. Eventually, they became an essential part of COVID-19 care.

In summary

WhatsApp chatbots have made the healthcare industry work seamlessly. They have proven to be cost-effective solutions that allow healthcare providers to instantly and smoothly communicate with patients and provide them with 24-hour care. It is thanks to them that the healthcare market has taken hold. the way of the mobile literally! Patients do not need to wait hours in long queues or physically go to the hospital for exams. Every healthcare-related process can now be done via mobile devices thanks to the power of WhatsApp chatbots. So, we can rightly say that they emerged to be a game-changer for the health sector.


Sumit Gupta, Founder of Whizard API and The Viral Pitch

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