Casa de Campo Leads the Way with Luxury Hospitality NFTs

What is Casa de Campo Resort & Villas?

“Casa de Campo Resort & Villas is the first and most exclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. We have been one luxury destination for discerning travelers, owners, dignitaries and celebrities seeking privacy, security, elegant surroundings and world-class activities for nearly 50 years.

“A private gated community, we have over 7,000 tropical acres on the southeast coast of the island. We have eight restaurants, including the Minitas Beach Club, as well as a 370-berth marina and yacht club, an equestrian and polo center, a 245-acre clay shooting range, Pete-Dye Golf Courses from world famous (including Dog’s teethone of the best in the Caribbean and Latin America), tennis courts and private white sand beaches.

“Vacationers can also be part of a community as Casa de Campo has over 2,300 homes on site, creating a unique opportunity for guests and owners to mingle.

“One of our most treasured assets is Altos de Chavón, a 16th century Mediterranean-style village with restaurants, shops, a church and stunning views. Guests can also enroll in pottery, traditional loom weaving and screen printing classes, view exhibits in our art gallery and access our archaeological museum which features a collection of indigenous artifacts that tell the story of the ancient history of the Dominican Republic. Altos de Chavón also has a 5,000-seat amphitheater, inaugurated by Frank Sinatra 40 years ago.

You recently announced the launch of NFT ‘room night tokens’. What are they?

“Room-Night Tokens (RNTs) represent a pioneering new way to leverage Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for the hospitality industry. We have partnered with leading NFT specialist, Pinktada, who have created a membership-based platform built on blockchain technology to totally change the way hotel reservations are made.

“We are very proud to have been the very first property to adopt this rapidly growing new technology. Thanks to our innovative partnership, Casa de Campo guests can now book rooms with fully transferable RNT, as well as view our amenities and accommodations before booking through virtual tours.

“Whether new to NFTs or connoisseurs, customers will appreciate the ease of use, unique perks, personalized tokens, and advanced technology in Reservation Rooms that convert to Room-Night Tokens (RFTs) that the customer ultimately owns.”Casa de Campo

How do RNTs work?

“When customers purchase transferable RNTs to book rooms through our partner Pinktada, they will have access to the most competitive rates on all of our luxury hotel rooms, suites and villas, combined with the flexibility to resell or exchange reservation tokens if there is a change of schedule.

“This allows our customers to take advantage of special rates that hotels normally only offer for fixed bookings but, above all, without any risk, since they will have the possibility to sell or exchange their RNT if they need it. .

“This is a revolutionary new concept that will undoubtedly disrupt the industry. From the operational point of view of the hotel, this new technology allows us to offer our customers greater flexibility, with the additional advantage of having guaranteed income. It’s a win-win for all parties.

“At the end of their stay at Casa de Campo, guests who have booked their vacation with RNT will receive a commemorative NFT, personalized with memories of their stay at our resort.”

Tell us about the 3D interface and virtual tours. What can guests expect?

“Pinktada’s immersive 3D user interface experience allows guests to explore the exact features and amenities of each of our guest rooms and suites, and choose the accommodation that’s best for them before making a reservation. They can also showcase our facilities virtually.By filming every element of Casa de Campo and creating the opportunity to explore our complex digitally, these 3D tours allow customers to “try before they buy”.Casa de Campo

What was the inspiration and motivation for this launch?

“I have long believed that the potential of blockchain technology for the hospitality industry was enormous and had been looking for ways that Casa de Campo could use these developments to innovate and improve our service delivery to guests.

“However, it wasn’t until I met the Pinktada team that I felt we had landed on something truly transformational, and it had the potential to be the next ‘Expedia moment’ for our industry.”

What does this mean for the future of hotel reservations and for your customers?

“RNT innovations herald a new era of reservations that can best serve the interests of everything parties to the transaction process. The new model ensures that hotels can retain the business benefits that would traditionally come from securing a guaranteed reservation and revenue, while offering the best “non-flexible” reservation rates to guests in tandem with the ability to modify plans that would otherwise be disabled. Table.”

What role do you see blockchain having in the future of the industry?

“This launch is a very exciting first step as the hospitality industry begins to leverage blockchain technology, and I predict that once it picks up momentum, it will become more mainstream. The myriad of customer and hotel benefits means this is a commercially sound, low-risk way to book a vacation with great benefits for all parties.

“Early adopters aware of NFT quickly embraced this new way of booking. As blockchain technology becomes more familiar to the wider population, I believe we will see RFTs constitute a significant volume of booking revenue. over the next few years.

“I was fortunate to have lived through the early days of the dot-com in our industry when hundreds of new online travel agent (OTA) sites went live. It was a very exciting, but of course there are only two or three OTAs left, having bought out their competitors. I see the parallels emerging now in the NFT space and I foresee new startups entering the arena. We are on the about to enter another exciting and pioneering period of advancement for our industry.

“I also believe that their booking platforms will see the same evolution as OTAs in eventually offering travel agencies and tour operators white label functionality and ordering them in the same way. It’s always exciting when technology demonstrates how it can help our industry grow and stay at the forefront of innovation.Casa de Campo

What’s next for Casa de Campo?

“We never stand still at Casa de Campo. As well as working with new partners in emerging sectors, such as Pinktada, our owners continue to invest in our facilities to ensure we remain a leading luxury resort in the world, and we have exciting new developments to come. unveil in the coming months.

“In December, we will complete the first phase of opening our new First Club at Casa de Campo. These new ultra-luxury accommodations include 58 new suites with their own private concierge and upgraded high-tech facilities. Their addition will elevate our hotel offering to new heights of luxury for the year ahead.

“We are also going to open a new destination sPennsylvania in the spring, which will position Casa de Campo as one of the best wellness destinations in the Caribbean. With a new state-of-the-art facility and pioneering treatments, the new spa will allow us to offer a 360-degree fitness and wellness program and the ultimate in restorative relaxation and anti-aging treatments for guests. .

“We will continue to work with exciting international artists in 2023, bringing in critically acclaimed names such as Kristin Simmons and Gustavo Vélez to exhibit their works at Casa de Campo and hosting talks and workshops for our guests and our residential community. We look forward to welcoming the talents of Al Hirschfeld and Charles Fazzino soon, in the next exciting phase of our artistic collaborations.

What do you think will be the main trends in the hospitality industry in 2023?

“Beyond the technological advances that will define hotel reservations in 2023, we see increased personalization and privacy as key trends for luxury hotels next year. These are elements that define stays at Casa de Campo and who attracted the world’s elite over the past five decades.

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