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Krakow in Poland is arguably the most rewarding city to visit in the Eastern European country. Krakow claims to be one of the most amazing cities in Europe and is home to the Wawel Royal Castle – the first declared a World Heritage Site in the world in 1978. Krakow is an ideal destination for party lovers and attracts people from all over to discover its lively party scene.

Backpackers looking to really enjoy the best atmosphere of Krakow should consider staying in the three hostels Greg & Tom in Krakow (called Party Hostel, Hostel Beer House and Home Hostel). Greg & Tom Hostel are located in and around the old town and offer very different atmospheres depending on the level of preference for each party.

Hostel Greg & Toms Beer House

“Greg&Tom Hostel is one of the first hostels in Krakow and one of the most awarded in Poland.”

The largest and busiest of the three Greg & Toms hostels is Greg & Toms Beer House Hostel. It is located inside Krakow’s Old Town Walls, in the heart of the Old Town. It is just 2 minutes walk from the central square and is surrounded by the festive life of the city.

  • ranking: Superb 9.5/10 on over 6,000 reviews

Greg & Toms Beer House Hostel is more than just a hostel, it’s a party in itself. The hostel actively promotes a hostel vibe with a party scene every night.

An excellent buffet breakfast is included in the reservation, as is dinner. It’s not just a cheap and tasteless dinner. They offer a superb buffet style dinner worthy of a 4 star restaurant. Guests must register for dinner by 5:00 p.m., then everyone is invited. They cater to those with dietary requirements (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free).

  • To eat lunch: Great buffet breakfast included
  • Having dinner: Superb restaurant dinner included
  • Beer: Included with dinner
  • Strokes: A free shot before the pub crawl

The food they serve comes straight from their restaurant downstairs (also Greg & Toms). Bought alone in the restaurant, dinner could cost something close to the cost of a night in the dorm. To kick things off Greg & Toms Party Hostel offers unlimited free beer throughout the meal. Talk a lot!

After dinner, it’s time for a free drink, then it’s who’s up for a pub crawl. They offer pub crawls every night of the week (and the first hour of drinks is free).

  • Pub Crawls: Every night of the week
  • Cost: Pub Crawl is 60 zloty, or $ 15.00

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Greg & Toms Youth Hostel

Greg & Toms Party Hostel is located in an old part of town adjacent to the Old Town and about a 5 minute walk from Beer House Hostel.

The inn offers a different atmosphere. While the common area of the Beer House hostel is located in a bright room with 4 floors overlooking the old town, the Common Space of Party Hostel is located in the basement underground. The hostel is smaller and perhaps a bit more intimate. For those looking to host their own private party at the hostel, this is the hostel of choice.

  • To eat lunch: Great buffet breakfast included
  • Having dinner: Superb restaurant dinner included

It’s hard to party into the wee hours at other hostels for the sake of neighbors and sleepers. But since Party Hostel’s hangout area is underground, you can party as much as you want. The hostel also offers the same free bonuses as Beer House Hostel – a great breakfast, dinner and the evening pub crawl.

  • Pub Crawls: Every night of the week
  • Cost: Pub Crawl is 60 Zloty or $15.00

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Greg & Toms Home Hostel

Located 2 minutes walk from the old town and next to the train station is the Home Hostel. Home Hostel is much cooler and ideal for those who don’t want to party all the time. They have more private rooms and the atmosphere is friendly and intimate, but less festive.

  • To eat lunch: Great buffet breakfast included
  • Having dinner: Superb restaurant dinner included

Like the other two hostels, half board is included (breakfast and dinner). Dinner is of the same quality as the other two hostels and meets dietary requirements (although the beer and free shot are normally absent). Everyone is asked if they would like to go on the pub crawl.

  • Pub Crawls: Every night of the week
  • Cost: Pub Crawl is 60 Zloty or $15.00

In the three hostels, the staff is extremely friendly and will help everyone. On a more somber note, Krakow is also the camp tearing the gateway to Auschwitz concentration – they will help you to make a visit or take the bus to get there.

Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

Romania’s Hoia Baciu Forest is the most haunted place in the world

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Brighton and Hove News » New luxury hotel with roof terrace planned on Brighton seafront Wed, 11 May 2022 12:19:00 +0000

Artist’s impression of the plans

A new luxury hotel with a rooftop bar and restaurant is planned for a derelict former inn on Brighton seafront.

Sussex businessmen James Randall and Lucky Gohler want to renovate the empty Hostel Point building next to the Pier Nine casino into a new 40-bed boutique hotel called The Louche.

The Grade II listed building on the corner of Grand Junction Road and Pool Valley which dates from 1830, was originally three houses before being combined into one hotel in 1861.

An additional floor was added to Number 11 in 1897, and from 1911 the building was known as the Palace Pier Hotel until the mid-1980s when it was redeveloped and renamed Princes Hotel.

The construction site today

In 2015 it reopened as Hostel Point, providing cheap accommodation for backpackers, but has since closed and fallen into disrepair.

They have submitted plans to Brighton and Hove City Council which include a rooftop extension for a terrace bar and restaurant, which would be open to the public.

A proposed fifth-floor extension would be set back from the building’s facade, with visitor seating at the front and sides of the building, offering panoramic sea views.

Mr Randall said: ‘This corner of Brighton is ripe for respectful redevelopment, as part of a wider regeneration of the seafront. It needs major investment as the site at 10-12 Grand Junction Road has been neglected .

“If a positive outcome cannot be achieved, there is a danger that this site will remain derelict for at least another decade and negatively impact the building next door – Pier Nine Casino.”

Mr Gohler said: “Currently there are hardly any rooftop bars and surprisingly no Michelin star restaurants yet in Brighton.

“Our city attracts millions of visitors each year, but we know there is a shortage of accommodation and an appetite for more upscale options.

“La Louche would help fill this gap, while providing a vibrant new place for locals and local jobs. »

Darren Johnson, Head of Conferences and Business Development at VisitBrighton, said: ‘The Department of Tourism and Leisure would support any work that would bring the building back into use and renovate the exteriors in an area that acts as a gateway to the city for our business. and leisure visitors.

However, the council’s heritage team and conservation advisory group, which are consulted on listed building planning applications, are not so keen on the plans.

Tim Jeffries, of the council’s heritage team, said: ‘It is considered that the extension of the roof and the loss of the original roof at number 10 would very clearly damage the significance of the listed building, while the roof extension would very clearly detract from the appearance and character of the Old Town Conservation Area.

“There would be heritage benefits in returning the listed buildings to service and in good condition (as well as the benefit of opening the basement skylight), but these benefits would not offset the damage identified.

“It has not been demonstrated that viable reuse of these buildings cannot be achieved without such detrimental intervention or that any damage has been minimized and mitigated.”

The CAG said: ‘The proposed additional glass floor with its glass balustraded roof terrace would be a very detrimental intrusion on the views from various locations on the waterfront and from the Palace Pier.

“The existing four-storey Georgian and 5th-storey Victorian of this site, together with the five-storey Royal Albion Hotel opposite, offer views across the Poole Valley in balanced scale. The proposal would upset this balance.

“The loss of the existing chimneys and chimneys and the replacement of the front door of No 10 with a window and the front door of No 12 with wall would be a regrettable loss of the original fabric and, with the aforementioned evil above, would not be mitigated by the proposed reinstatement of some original features.

The application can be found on the council planning portal here.

]]> Budget for the Netherlands: A Guide to Vacation Planning Costs Mon, 09 May 2022 09:30:00 +0000

Traveling to any destination without a financial implications tab would be reckless, risky and, in some cases, deeply inconvenient. And being stranded thousands of miles from your home country is never a pleasant feeling. Of course, travel cost is only one aspect of a travel plan. For those traveling to the Netherlands, a basic idea of ​​what to expect is crucial. This includes culture, climatic conditions, places to visit, English proficiency (especially for those from English-speaking countries), type of food, best time to visit, and public etiquette, among other considerations.

It may sound too mundane, but travelers to the Netherlands should know that Holland is different from the Netherlands and there are people who will cringe at the indiscriminate use of these terms. But first, exactly how much money should someone save for a trip to flat tulip country?

Travel costs in the Netherlands

Here is the truth. While other expenses like food and accommodation can be significant, travel costs usually make up the bulk of a traveler’s budget. To effectively budget travel costs, travel time is crucial and could swing the budget pendulum significantly. For example, the end of June is a bad time to travel to the Netherlands from the United States. The cheapest flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Amsterdam will cost you around $570. Now compare that to a mid-January flight that cost as little as $323. That’s a decent saving of $247 or a whopping 43%. And that’s just to compare economy class tickets. The savings on second class or first class flights can be even greater. Again, travelers should use sites like Kayak or Expedia to compare some of the cheapest flight costs available.

It sounds like a trivial thing, but the day of the week you travel – or book a flight – is just as important as the month you travel. According to a flight research firm Hopper support, Tuesdays are the best to leave and Wednesdays are the best to return. Therefore, choosing a flight on a Tuesday could save up to $30. Don’t make a mistake. This is roughly the amount one is likely to pay for a cheap hostel in the Netherlands. On the other hand, Saturday flights will cause the biggest dent in a traveller’s wallet. When it comes to booking a flight to the Netherlands, the best time for dollars is Thursday. Travelers should also remember to book ahead, preferably three weeks in advance.

For luxury travel, flight costs can vary between $1,100 and $3,000 for first class.

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Budget for food and accommodation in the Netherlands

Unfortunately, Amsterdam or any other Dutch city is not known for cheap street food like, say, Mexico. And accommodation in the Netherlands will depend on what a traveler can afford. Travelers on a strict budget should be prepared to pay around $15 for the cheapest hostel with minimal facilities. Check Hostelworld to compare rates. Also remember to read the reviews. For those looking for a bit of comfort, hotels, vacation rentals, and Airbnb are great options. For a 4 or 5 star hotel, travelers should plan to shell out between $100 and $300. For 2 or 3 star hotels, $50 turns out to be the minimum on average. Vacation rentals are 2 to 3 times more expensive.

For vacation rentals, AmsterdamSTAY is a useful site. The cost of Airbnb is in the same range as a standard hotel. When choosing a place to stay, travelers should consider the distance from the city center, as this can sometimes increase the overall cost of accommodation. Facilities far from the city may seem cheap, but can turn out to be expensive, if you add the trifles and travel trinkets. And for vacation rentals or Airbnb, travelers should be wary of what seems like a perfect deal. Due to the housing crisis in the Netherlands, there is a minefield of scams that will need to be avoided. Watch out for some identifiable scam red flags. Some legitimate sites to check out are HomeToGo; Vakantiehuizen; or Belville.

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For food, a full meal with drinks should cost between $35 and $60 depending on the city, the specific restaurant and, of course, what one will be ordering. In the city centers, drinks are generally more expensive. Of course, a pizza – lasagna or other sandwiches – from a cheap supermarket like Lidl can save someone several dollars. A pizza costs around $6. For someone who has their own space in an Airbnb or vacation rental, cooking is much cheaper. With a $15 rice cooker, someone can have an impressive variety of meals to prepare. Then there’s, an exciting platform where neighbors cook food to order for those staying nearby. Food prices on the platform are generally affordable and worth the experience. When everything is factored in, travelers should budget between $40 and $80 for food, local travel, and sightseeing expenses per day. However, a budget traveler with their ears and nose to the ground can get by on $20-40 a day.

So that’s it. Whether a traveler wants to visit Rotterdam, Utrecht or Amsterdam, the cycling capital of the world, a cost guide should be a reliable companion.

People are walking around Amsterdam/an illuminated bridge over water at night

11 safest places to visit in Amsterdam (6 not to visit alone)

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Help hard to find in boom times Thu, 05 May 2022 15:54:32 +0000

Signing bonuses, housing allowances still insufficient

“The huge influx of people who moved here during Covid has created business, but they’re not doing anything to add to the workforce,” said Amity Lucas, the Amity agency name, a recruiter for East End employers.

There is a jobs crisis in the East End.

“All the industries here are booming,” said Amity Lucas, the name of the Amity agency, a recruiter for East End employers. “The huge influx of people who moved here during Covid has created business, but they’re not doing anything to add to the workforce,” she said.

Many new residents are working from home and not looking for work locally. She said another whole faction of new residents are retirees. A Covid-era problem for employers, Ms Lucas said, was that ‘people were learning to use the system’ and receiving unemployment from the government even though they might have a little side job to earn some money. . This little hack of the system meant that many full-time jobs went unfilled.

In 2021, according to the United States Department of Labor, a record 47.4 million people voluntarily left their jobs. Nationally, the unemployment rate is 3.6%. In New York State, it is slightly higher, at 4.6%, but still well below historical levels.

It’s not always easy to put numbers like these into local perspective, but what they now mean in the East End is that the cost of hiring employees is rising.

In addition to an already tight labor market, three major structural problems plague the East End. The lack of affordable housing, lack of public transportation and inadequate roads to handle the growing traffic, as well as the lack of day care centers add to the already difficult task of hiring and retaining employees.

“There is literally nowhere for people to live,” Ms Lucas said. While everyone is talking about affordable housing, builders are “still focusing only on large mansions.” Nobody wants density around them, she said.

“The traffic is so horrible” that people who used to commute from west of the Shinnecock Canal no longer think it’s worth it. The East End is more dependent than ever on imported workers, just as many are choosing to work elsewhere.

This has led to a very strong market for workers. She said tight labor markets have “certainly driven up the money people can ask for”. Landscapers, for example, “it’s a bit like a little mafia,” she says, who often earn $30 an hour. “Last summer, everyone had overgrown hedges because they couldn’t find landscapers,” she said. Childcare is the same. “A lot of mums would go to work, but childcare costs more than they would earn.”

She said more affordable child care would help tremendously.

Drive west anytime from 5 a.m. and it’s clear that the “commercial parade” or “entrepreneur exploration” has recently increased. Ms Lucas says South Fork is ‘desperate for tradespeople’. For example, heating and air conditioning contractors offer signing bonuses and housing assistance for workers. “They’re really trying to woo people,” she said.

Ted Schiavoni is a plumber in Sag Harbor. His company, GF Schiavoni, was started by his grandfather Gabriel in 1948. His father ran it until 1994, when he and his brother Fran took it over. So he went through employment cycles. “It’s virtually impossible to hire people right now,” he said. “I overpay people to come on board.” Last year, he hired and trained an employee for $24 an hour. “He just left because someone else hired him for $34 plus benefits after not even a year of experience,” he said.

People who have been in the community for years take advantage of high real estate prices and leave. Mr. Schiavoni says that in the past, he had three or four local high school students come to him for summer jobs. “I haven’t seen them for years,” he said.

But that’s not just a problem for those who hire landscapers and craftsmen. Maureen McDermott, owner of Winter McDermott Design, an interior design firm in Sag Harbor, said pools of cheap skilled labor simply don’t exist here. “In Manhattan, there are five design schools from which you can choose employees. They are eager to start a career and progress. Here she is often confronted with people trying a second career. Employees are older, more independent and already socially connected. Retaining those employees you have trained can be difficult. “You work for someone for a short time and then you go out on your own because that opportunity is there,” she said.

Ms Lucas said her dream was for a posh hostel or dorm to open and offer monthly leases. She said laws created years ago to deal with shared homes should be reformed so that seasonal employees have accommodation. In this case, she could recruit college students from all over the country. “These kids could come here and make $20 an hour,” more than they would in other parts of the country, she says. “We could keep it local and keep it American instead of having people working here illegally. College kids would love to live in a fun beach town in the summer,” she said.

But even if the labor shortage persists, the crowds are clearly there. There’s no parking, East Hampton Village sold out 3,000 beach permits in a matter of hours, and there are waiting lists for summer camps.

“What happened to the people?” asked M. Schiavoni. “They are there but no one wants to work.”

How to choose the best accommodations Tue, 03 May 2022 12:50:54 +0000

Whether you are traveling for vacation, business or a family commitment, choosing the best accommodation to stay in is essential. There are many to choose from, the cheapest, the all-inclusive, the closest to the airport or the place of a business meeting, etc.

The type of accommodation you will need will depend on the length of your stay, the purpose of the trip and the order of priority of the to-do list. So here’s how to choose the best hosting for every occasion.


When traveling for pleasure, it’s up to you when and where you travel. You can take a look at some of the best vacation destinations in the world and decide to visit them. But depending on your travel situation, different types of accommodation will be more or less suitable. And here is a guide on how to choose the right one.

With a partner

When traveling with your partner, the first thing you want to look for in accommodations is romance. Go to their site and check out the rooms, their layout and of course the decor.

Secondly, it is a big plus if the dining room is smaller and has secluded areas. You will have more privacy and can enjoy the intimate atmosphere.

Finally, you want the type of accommodation that offers additional romantic activities, such as dining on the beach, couples massages, or a spa. So, before you book, check out all of the above to maximize the romantic vibes.

In addition, the accommodation you choose should match your vacation expectations. For example, if you are passionate about history, choosing a place with a long history will certainly be a plus. Or if you love hiking, make sure your vacation rental is close to hiking trails.

With friends

Traveling with friends usually means you can be versatile when it comes to accommodations. Choosing the best accommodation to stay in when traveling with friends entirely depends on the purpose of your trip.

If you want to experience the city’s nightlife, be close to the best things to do at night. This will make the trip back to the accommodation much quicker, not to mention easier. After partying all night, you want to quickly get back to the hotel and take a quick shower.

But if sightseeing is your cup of tea, then staying in a downtown hostel or private home is the way to go. You’ll always be close to the sights you visit or a short journey to the bus or train station for longer journeys.

With family

Traveling with children can be difficult, but preparation is key. First of all, you want to make sure your vacation is child-friendly, which means there’s plenty to keep your little ones interested.

A family-friendly Hawaii island is a great summer vacation spot. Beaches, interesting activities for children and numerous seaside resorts with dedicated staff await you there. Breckenridge is another great kid-friendly vacation town in Colorado. The winters spent there are magical.

Once you’ve decided on the destination, you want to check if there are any kid-friendly tours or swimming and skiing lessons they can take. You can also look for hotels that offer babysitting services, so you and your partner can have some alone time too.

Business trip

Traveling for business is quite another matter. You want to make sure you are either close to the airport or near the site of your business meeting. As you will have to do a shorter trip and a longer trip, it is about the same distance.

But when it comes to booking accommodation, you want to consider your habits and the time of your meeting. If it’s early morning and you’re not an early riser, booking accommodation near the meeting site is a better choice. The same applies if the meeting takes place during rush hour. You want to avoid traffic jams.

Booking a seat near the airport makes sense if you have enough time to get to the meeting, but an early morning flight. You’ll still have plenty of time to get to and from your meeting, but you can sleep a little longer on the day of your flight home.

Tampa Skyrise

Family commitments

When traveling for family commitments, such as weddings, funerals, christenings, etc., you should of course first check with your family if they can accommodate you. They may think it’s rude if you’re staying in a hotel or rental. You must therefore absolutely organize the accommodation together.

Now, when it comes to wedding weekends, you’re probably expected at the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding reception. In this case, it is worth checking whether you can spend the night at the wedding venue with the newlyweds and the rest of your family.

If that’s not an option, you need to choose the best accommodation nearby. After all, the purpose of your trip is to spend time with your family. However, one additional thing to check with the bride and groom is whether they have booked a shuttle service. If not, check to see if taxis operate in the area. You want transportation pre-booked, so you can relax and enjoy the reception. The same goes for other types of family commitments.

Choosing the best place to stay depends on your preferences. If you like it near the city center or in the mountains. Do you want something simple or do you like to have additional activities offered by the hotel?

So, the next time you need to book accommodation to stay while on a trip, list the requirements and check out rental homes, hotels, and other offerings in your area of ​​choice. You will definitely find one that meets all requirements.

Traumatic before-and-after photo of 5-year-old girl shows full horror of war in Ukraine Sun, 01 May 2022 15:28:05 +0000


Refugee children who have fled Ukraine are suffering from mental health issues and illnesses as they are forced to wait weeks for their UK visas to arrive, families claim

Miraslava at Christmas before the start of the war, left and in a Polish hospital during the invasion