Chosen from the “garbage” for people to “taste”? Street vendors select and resell vegetables …

Chosen from the “garbage” for people to “taste”? Street vendors choose and resell vegetables …

Chosen from the “garbage” for people to “taste”? Street vendors pick and sell vegetables near the nearly demolished central market. While the deputy commissioner ordered Mangaluru City Corporation to quit all street vendors doing business near the central market, but within two days many reoccupied the space again, and a group of these street vendors who sell the vegetables for 10 rupees choose most of the vegetables. from the nearby landfill, then they are washed and sold to the public. Looks like our officials, including the district health officer, have turned a blind eye to this unsanitary practice of these illegal street vendors.

Mangaluru: As you drive or walk along the street on Market Road, you will be greeted by a few women and men, from Tamil Nadu and Kerala, running their business selling vegetables on the street, which consumers hastily buy from , thinking that good price, since any plant product you buy is ONLY RS 10? Okay, Rs 10 sounds really good compared to the price you pay at the regular vegetable store. But do these buyers know where these vegetables come from, to sell them at such a low price? Do you want to know where most of these vegetables come from? The answer is – WASTE? Every day, a few wholesalers near the central vegetable market throw away huge quantities of vegetables, which are damaged in transit or not fit for sale. Since earlier, when Antony Waste’s garbage truck came early to pick up the trash, greengrocers used to dump all vegetable waste into the truck – but now, as the trucks don’t make trips regular on time, wholesalers have no choice but to throw the stale vegetables on the side of the road, next to a cinema and elsewhere.And that’s where these street vendors start rummaging through the bins early in the morning, and sort the good vegetables from the bad, and resell by the side of the road in the last hours.


Yes, you can see these street vendors, some of them also work as waste pickers, who work without any job security, pay and dignity and are also exposed to adverse health effects such as infections, respiratory diseases and tuberculosis. But while taking pity on these street vendors, consumers also need to worry about their health issues while consuming these garbage-picked vegetables. Yes, we know that to earn their daily bread, these vendors support each other by collecting, sorting waste and then exchanging it. But when it comes to Swachh Mangaluru, in doing so, they help clean up a significant portion of the tons of garbage generated in the city. While doing their sorting job, they are regularly exposed to cuts, infections, respiratory diseases and tuberculosis apart from the poverty, humiliation, harassment and sexual abuse on the streets.

These men and women leave their homes early in the morning with their garbage carts. Some of them work where the municipality dumps waste, some walk the roads and others go to specific neighborhoods in search of things they can find, to resell, including vegetables as well. These women work independently, and when the Mangalorean team spoke to a Tamil lady, she agreed that they had tried their hand at other things, but returned to garbage collection because it paid better. Often their husbands and children will pick up / sort the waste, while the wives do not go out to pick it up, but sort the waste at home.


But anyway, we are talking about vegetables that are sold to the public from the rotten, stinky garbage and put up for sale, which is nothing more than a dangerous health problem. Imagine cockroaches, rats and other stray animals feeding on the trash, and afterwards these street vendors pick up the leftover good vegetables from the trash and sell them to the public. Some of these rats may have survived the rat poison and are now feeding on this waste. A street vendor said she was making a lot of money supplying these vegetables to a few paid hostels in town, as well as some small restaurants before the lockdown. But what about the security concerns, the hostel inmates and the customers who eat in these restaurants.


Why did the district administration, MCC and district health department remain silent in this regard? Why doesn’t our MCC health worker wake up to take action? Are they all waiting for citizens to get sick from consuming these trash-picked vegetables, as well as the stale vegetables sold to them by low-cost wholesalers. If you think Rs 10 is a very good deal to buy each of these roadside veggies, think more about the health consequences these veggies can bring to you once they get into your bodily system. I only hope that the officials concerned will take a look at this situation and see that no vegetables are sold that are picked up in the garbage.

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