Free coaching, accommodation for over 150 students provided in Kota with the efforts of Om Birla

Thanks to the efforts of Lok Sabha President Om Birla, more than 150 children in Kota have benefited from free supervision, food and accommodation. The students received coaching from the Allen Career Institute.

The second wave of the Corona pandemic orphaned hundreds of children. Due to the deaths of winning members, the education of the children of these families was in jeopardy. Now, thanks to the efforts of the president of Lok Sabha, the future of these children is assured. The children met the President on Sunday at his camp office. They were full of the glow of enthusiasm and longing for a bright future that spoke to Birla about the difficult times they faced after losing their parents in the second wave of Corona.

They also informed about positive changes in their life after arriving in Kota. Along with this, they informed about positive changes in their life after arriving in Kota. During this interaction, the President reiterated and assured them that as a guardian he would always be by their side. Whenever there are problems in the family, they should tell him without hesitation and help will be given.

He added, “Our culture inspires us to take the initiative to help families in distress and support these families by providing them with free education for their children. “Food and accommodation should also be arranged free of charge for children coming from other parts of the country,” Birla said.

He thanked the leadership of the Allen Career Institute and other intellectuals in Kota for soothing their pain by supporting them as family members or guardians in their hour of grief and pain. The President also called on the children to work hard to make their parents’ dreams come true.

All the children said that now their only goal is to take full advantage of the opportunity offered to them by the efforts of the President of Lok Sabha. “Pass the medical or technical exam and help the needy in society,” Birla urged.

Birla also met people at the camp office. People from different parts of the Kota-Bundi parliamentary constituency informed him of their problems. He listened attentively to the grievances of the population and asked the officers concerned to resolve them. (ANI)

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