Kejriwal inaugurates Delhi Government Armed Forces School

August 27, 2022 4:12 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India], Aug 27 (ANI): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal hailed his deputy Manish Sisodia for being the best education minister as he inaugurated a school that would help prepare students for the armed forces. The school was inaugurated by CM in the village of Jharoda Kalan, Najafgarh.
“Manish Sisodia is the best education minister in the world. Today the first Shaheed Bhagat Singh Army Preparatory School opened in Delhi. Children who want to join the armed forces had no official place to go. they could be trained. They used to prepare on their own. Now we have this. Even the poorest of the poor can come and get admitted,” Kejriwal said.
He also pointed out that around 18,000 applications for admission to the school had been received.
“The school is completely free, it is a boarding school. There is a hostel for boys and girls. It has the best facilities. The competition is tough, 18,000 children applied and around 180 were selected. They are working hard and they’ll be ready for uniformed services,” he added.
The head of state pointed out that the school is named after the late freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.
Earlier on Friday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of toppling the elected government in the states.
Speaking at the Delhi Legislative Assembly, Kejriwal said: “They have overthrown several governments in the country till date – Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Meghalaya. There’s a serial killer in town who’s committing one murder after another. People choose a government, they overthrow it.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government will present the motion of confidence in the House on Monday to prove that no MPs from the party have defected and for this purpose the special session of the Delhi Assembly has been extended by one day.
“They say they separated a number of MPs. I got phone calls, people asked me if everything was okay. I would like to present a motion of confidence in the House to show people that not even one is gone, that BJP Lotus operation became ‘Operation keechad’ here,” Kejriwal said.
During the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raid on Sisodia’s residence over Delhi’s excise policy, Kejriwal said the central agency could not find a single penny.
“The raid continued for 14 hours but not a single penny was found. No jewelry was found, no money was found, no land or property documents were found and no incriminating documents were found – nothing was found. It was a fake raid,” Delhi’s chief minister said.
He alleged that the Center would fabricate false cases against the AAP leaders ahead of the Gujarat Assembly elections.
“All the anti-national forces have gathered against the AAP government in Delhi, ours is the most popular government. These forces want to break us but all our MPs are together. They will fabricate fake cases against us until the elections in Gujarat,” Kejriwal said.
“We calculated that 277 MPs came to their party (BJP), now if they had given Rs 20 crore to each MP, they would have bought MPs worth Rs 5,500 crore. That is why , there is inflation because they are all using the money to buy off MPs at the expense of the common man,” he added.
His remarks came following reports that AAP MPs were unreachable ahead of a crucial meeting at Chief Minister Kejriwal’s residence. (ANI)

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