NYC president, scribe sacrifices UN nominations, harps on youth-friendly policies

On Friday, the President of the Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC), Comrade Blessing Akinlosotu, and his secretary, Dr. Raymond Edoh, were appointed to the United Nations Youth Habitat Programme.

While Akinlosotu was named Habitat Nigeria’s Youth Program Sports Coordinator, Edoh, an international activist and Nigerian Youth Ambassador to the United States, was named Habitat’s Youth Humanitarian Ambassador.

Speaking at the event held in Abuja, Akinlosotu advocated for a national housing fund to address the huge housing deficits in the country.

The fund, he said, would help solve the housing problems faced by young people and students.

“Students have talked about the lack of housing, housing programs at various campuses, even on the NYSC side. I just want to have a singular proposal. In every problem in this country, you must try as much as possible to channel a set of solutions. I will suggest to the federal government that we have already identified the problem.

“We have seen that there are a lot of gaps in the country’s housing program. Go to the rural area, go to the student community and go to the urban city.

“I am going to propose the constitution of the national housing fund, there is definitely a problem. Why can’t the federal government create a fund for housing like we have a fund for ecology. There should be a national housing fund where 1% of all contracts awarded by the federal government should go into the housing fund to support the federal Department of Public Works and Housing so that all these shortcomings can be taken care of,” he said.

Also speaking, Edoh, who thanked the UN for the nomination, recommended that young people be trained, guided and supported to achieve their dreams to contribute to national development.

He called on young people to have confidence in themselves and hope for a better future, asking them to exercise their political right to vote by electing good leaders in the general elections of 2023.

“In fact, due to many challenges and a difficult socio-economic environment, many young Nigerians are now self-reliant and leading their own future by creating opportunities and undertaking different entrepreneurial ventures towards self-reliance.

“One of the undisputed facts is that the strength of any nation depends on the policy framework and initiatives put in place by the public sector and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to develop and empower young people to maximize their potential, talents .and untapped capacity in the development of the nation.

“Now that we have realized that we, the youth of Nigeria, are crucial elements in the development process and it has been established that no nation can develop beyond the quality of its youth.

“It is therefore recommended that young people be well educated, trained, guided and supported to achieve their dreams and contribute to national development. Moreover, the way forward for youth development in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general is through sound policies and backing them with political will, as well as equipping youth for greater service. to the nation.

“Nigerian youth should therefore have confidence in themselves and hope for a brighter future even though we are all determined to exercise our political franchise to ascend to power with good leadership in the general elections of 2023,” Edoh said. .

Previously, the National Chairman of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NAN), Comrade Sunday Asefon, advocated a cheap accommodation scheme for students.

Represented by the financial secretary of the association, Comrade Olaseinde Adeyinka, Asefon also called for a student housing symposium to address the housing deficits in the country.

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