Steven Flannigan: orphan of the Lockerbie bombing.

While visiting Lockerbie in 1996, he met and fell in love with Lisa Gregory. When she became pregnant, Steven moved back to town to be with her – living just a mile from the street where his parents and sister had died eight years earlier. Their son, Luke, was born in October 1997.

However, Steven and Lisa’s relationship fell apart and he retreated to Wiltshire, a county in England, where his friend, John Boyce, an ITN cameraman he had met while getting of his jumbo jet license, lived with his wife.

John, being 15 years older than Steven, was a firm father figure and helped him straighten out his life.

Soon, Steven was visiting his son regularly and adoring him. He also maintained a good relationship with his ex, Lisa. He made a circle of close friends. He became a partner in the boarding house business of John and his wife.

After all the heartbreak in her life, things were finally falling into place.

“Steve had recovered from two tragedies in his life. The first one he had to accept was colossal, but he and David dealt with it by drawing immense strength from each other,” John said.

“David’s death was the lowest point in Steve’s life, but he managed to get through it and then, for several years, forged a new life for himself with lots of new interests and a very big circle of friends.”

Watch: Archival footage from the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. Post continues after video.

On August 17, 2000, Steven was in a pub with visitors to the guesthouse, regaling them with stories about his hometown of Lockerbie and his son’s third birthday, when tragedy struck for the third time.

“He was absolutely as he always was. He had bought me some haggis from Scotland and after the visitors left we sat together until almost 1am watching the golf,” said Tony Elderkin , friend and manager of the pub.

“He had just learned to play and was extremely excited – he had to play the next day and was careful not to drink too much because he didn’t want to ruin his game.”

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